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Welcome to Prawfeed Marketing Learn About Computer and Make Money website! If you’re here reading this, then chances is that you’ve either search and found this website by chance or you’ve been referred to this webpage by someone you knew. 

Anyway,thank you for your decision to stay around a little longer and please feel free to keep on reading!

There are 2.4 Billion computer users out there around the world, but we also know that most of these users either bought their computer from a store or over the net which is very common today. A majority of them uses it for specific function at their work place or at home as such they are not particularly bothered by the technical aspect of the computer system that they are using almost everyday until it ... failed!

As warranty for the PC or Laptop were provided by the manufacturer upon buying, the owner of these new computer usually contact the Company only when their system fail. Many unpleasant scenario has been recorded in previous years due to users ignorance and it is commonly known that many end-user pays more for the repair of their computer.

If you belong to these group of people, then you are not alone ! There are many people out there who might even think or act like these. Are you...

1. A retiree in your early fifties or above who has never use a computer in your workplace or in your life?

2. A youngster who is using your computer to play games everyday?

3. A Parent who bought a computer for your son or daughter because they need it for their school assignment?

4. A worker who is utilising a computer for your daily functionalities such as Accounting, Sales & Marketing or even online marketing?

5. An enthusiast who want to know more your computer as a Hobby?

and many others...

This website is created to cover every BASIC things that you will need to know about a computer ( even to the extent of building one when you learn enough from it ). We’ll start by looking at all the components that formed into a PC System. These components will be explained, not too technically, so that you can understand it easily. 

For those visitors who requires more technical detail of these components, I advised you to seek them from websites or books that provides such information. As for  those information provided on this website, I am confident that, over a period of time, you will be able to know how to budget yourself into building a PC system of your own as well as learning about computer jargons or lingo associating with it.

I know that when you learn how to build a PC of your own, you will want to share the experiences with your friends. Being the minority out there who is able to build your own PC can be very special. You may even be documenting the process so that you can share it with your friends, just like what this website is all about.

I would love to hear from you regarding your venture into this website to learn more about Computer and its technology. Your feedback will help me make this website an interesting place for anyone interested about it.

My wish is that you will know more about your own Computer System after visiting this website. Take your time, enjoy the process and have a wonderful journey ahead !

Learning About Computer Starts Here...